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Reasons Why Auto Accidents Happen and Getting Legal Representation

Reasons Why Auto Accidents Happen and Getting Legal Representation

No one wants to be involved in a car accident but you never know when any misfortune might strike. Car crashes are bad enough, let alone accidents involving motorcycles or trucks. It is therefore important to be aware of your rights under the motor vehicle accident law in case you or anyone close to you meets an accident.

The first thing anyone who meets an accident while driving should do is to entail the services of a lawyer, who can help walk you through everything you need to know when making claims as a victim or your rights as a liable party.

Whether you drive a motorcycle, your average family car, or a cargo truck, you are not exempted from the risks faced by every driver. This article aims to provide the information you need on the top causes of auto accidents and how you can avoid them, as well as a brief overview of most commonly violated motor vehicle accident laws.

There are several reasons why road accidents occur. They include speeding, bad weather, drunk driving, sleepiness, distractions, cell phone use, drug use, recklessness, road problems, and rubbernecking. These are the most common in most countries based on various sources.

Government officials and various organizations have been aiming to raise awareness to help prevent auto accidents. However, speeding continues to be a common problem on the roads. Different countries impose different speed limits but one universal rule is that, the faster you go, the higher the risk of sustaining an injury in case you meet an accident. Get legal representation right away if you become the victim of an accident. Hire the services of an 18 wheeler accident lawyer or a motorcycle accident lawyer, depending on what vehicle you were handling. They are experts on specific cases and could help you better with regards to settlements, making claims, and other matters.

Bad weather is another leading cause of road accidents. Uncontrollable factors like rain, fog, and snow cause slippery roads and affect a driver’s vision. It is important to be extra careful when driving in bad weather. If possible, stay at home. Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, though strictly prohibited by motor vehicle accident laws, remains a problem for traffic enforcers. These substances affect the body’s reflexes and heighten aggression.

Another leading cause of road accidents is sleepiness. Some 100,000 accidents due to drivers falling asleep on the wheel are recorded by the US National Traffic Safety Administration every year. Cell phones have become a necessity in our daily lives and they have also become road hazards. Hands-free calling are featured by cell phone brands but they do not guarantee a hundred percent protection from accidents. Pull over if you need to make or receive a call. Apart from cellular phone use, other distractions that cause accidents also include eating in the car, changing the CD or radio channel, and kids in the car.

Recklessness results in road accidents as it is the willful disregard for motor vehicle accident laws. Rubbernecking happens when drivers forget to keep their eyes on the road when they come in proximity to road an auto accident scene. Accidents caused by poor road maintenance can be avoided if drivers are alert and careful at all times.

Motor vehicle accident laws are in place for a reason. Violation of these laws causes hundreds of road accidents every year. Should you find yourself in a situation where you need to file a claim because you were a victim of an accident, obtain legal representation right away. Look up lawyers which specialize in your case. Hire the services of a motorcycle accident lawyer or an 18 wheeler accident lawyer, depending on what you are driving, with significant experience.…

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It’s About Time People Took Responsibility For Their Driving

It’s About Time People Took Responsibility For Their Driving

I was sitting in a local coffee spot the other day reading the paper when I heard a group of men talking about all of the woes that they have suffered as it sounded like one of them recently received a traffic ticket. I took a quick peak over my shoulder as the whining and moaning took on momentum and soon everyone was lamenting about the “tax grab” and that “the police weren’t out catching real criminals.” “They must have something better to do than picking on the poor little fellows.”

It took me all of the inner strength that I could muster to not turn around and bring them a little piece of reality. The reality that I learned as a police officer who ran radar, responded to traffic collisions and helped EMS load people into ambulances and the funeral director’s car. Memories of times that wives and kids were bundled up in the back of my patrol car so they would not see the horrific injuries that their husband and father had suffered. I would tell them that everything would be alright.

I will concede that most drivers are not bad drivers. However at the time that they are pulled over for what they consider to be a minor indiscretion or a rare instance of poor judgement is just the required wake-up call that at the time those drivers made a poor choice. Perhaps it was fortunate that there was not a large truck that was not able to stop and turn their car into a twisted mass of metal. The driver could be upset that they got a ticket when they believe that a warning would have served the purpose. After all they have a perfect driving record.

As a former police officer I cannot recall the number of times that I have witnessed the near misses that could have been a fatality collision for a driver with a perfect record. A perfect driving record that would have been carried with them to their grave.

Sorry Folks, the police did not have any influence on you when you decided to push down on the gas or not stop at that intersection that the semi trailer went by like a charging locomotive. It was your decision and your decision alone that caused you to be in the situation that you are. Don’t blame that the sun was in your eyes or you were just going with the flow. Yes, I may have heard of you and yes, I remember that I did take a traffic accident report last year. And didn’t that collision happen at an intersection also? Is there a pattern of poor driving decisions here? Time to take the medicine like a man and pay the piper. Perhaps it is more fitting to pay for a lawyer to represent you rather than the funeral director to look after the result of your driving.

Today there are too many people who glance over the news reports about the many victims of crashes along our roadways. The information is not significant until it is them or one of their loved ones who is maimed and disabled in a wreck. Every person who is injured in a crash is “one of the little guys.” One of the common themes is that someone or something else is always to blame rather than taking responsibility for the fact that they somehow messed up. Often “the real criminals” are the drivers who drive oblivious to the fact that they are a traffic accident waiting to happen. And your police officer is the person that today’s society puts in the hot seat of being the bad guy and the driving critic. The traffic cop is as hated as the tax man as he is the one who takes the hard earned cash out of your pocket. Your driving choice has the potential to have you choose between casket and ticket.

It is unfortunate that any of those gentlemen at the coffee table had to cough up a few bucks for a fine or a lawyer… it could have been much worse. They could be gathered at the cemetery instead. I know this because I also grew up as a son of a funeral director who saw the grief of far too many families. Now is the time to “man up” behind the wheel of that car and live that long ticket free life.…

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Drive Distraction Free!

Drive Distraction Free!

Have you ever glanced down to read a text on your cell phone while driving, and when you looked up, found that you had drifted across the center lane? Have you ever just barely avoided bumping the car in front of you while you reading an email or looking up a phone number to make a call while driving? If so, you are among the increasing number of distracted drivers.

Responsible driving involves being proactive and trying to anticipate unexpected behaviors of others. The ability to do so becomes diminished when a driver is distracted, and distracted driving can result in many unintentional personal injuries.

Distracted driving happens all the time and takes many forms, such as adjusting the volume or tuner on a radio, following driving directions, putting on makeup, styling hair, or reading a newspaper. None of these are new or shocking to most of us. Nor is it surprising that with the significant increases in cell phone use, accidents caused by using a cell phone while driving is beginning to become a common form of distracted driving.

Up until recently there was not a lot of data available regarding the dangers of using a cell phone while driving. It was suspected to be the root cause of many accidents, yet not always proven. In the mid-2000’s, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, along with independent state agencies, universities and other organizations began to conduct their own studies to determine what the true impact was. The findings were exceptionally concerning.

General Statistics

• Talking on a cell phone can drastically decrease a driver’s response time as much as a driver that has a blood alcohol content of.08 or higher.

• Driving while using a cell phone reduces the amount of brain activity associated with driving by 37%.

• It can take up to 5 seconds to respond to a text while driving. During this time, one can travel the length of a football field.

• Studies have shown that an individual who is texting while driving is 23 times more likely to be involved in a car accident.

• Approximately 40% of passengers have claimed that the driver put themselves or others at risk due to cell phone use while driving.

• Despite state driving restrictions placed on cell phone use, many individuals do not comply with new laws. In other words, just because a law is passed, do not assume those around you are adhering to it!

• Although the majority of drivers reportedly are opposed to the use of cell phones while driving, more than one third do so routinely.

Of the accidents that occur due to cell phone usage, one might assume that the majority are caused by teenagers and younger adults. You may be surprised to learn that, across the board, all age groups have reported an increase in cell phone use while driving, and have, as a result, been involved in accidents.

Teens / Young Adults

• Almost half of young adults ages 18-24 admit to texting while driving.

• Almost one quarter of teenagers between the ages of 16 and 19 have been involved in a fatal car crash while talking on their phone or texting while driving. This number is expected to increase by up to 4% each year.


• Adults are as likely as teens to text while driving and a higher percentage have made calls while driving.

• 25% of car accidents are caused by adults who are talking on a cell phone.

• Adult drivers who use cell phones while driving are up to 4 times as likely to be involved in an accident.

While many accidents are not fatal, injuries can be extensive. Some of the most common injuries are associated with automobile accidents are related to the back and neck. “Whiplash” can occur when an individual is involved in a rear-end collision and their neck is whipped forward and backward in rapid succession. This type of accident can also result in damage to the spine and can take the form of swelling and pain. More serious accidents can cause the discs in the vertebrae to become ruptured. Other bodily injuries may also occur from the accident.

If you have sustained an injury in an automobile accident, you should immediately obtain a thorough medical examination to determine the extent of your injuries, both short-term and long-term. If it is found that your injury is due to distracted driving by another driver, contact your local personal injury lawyer to determine if you are eligible for restitution for your medical and financial expenses.…

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One Way Truck Rental to Make Relocation Easy

One Way Truck Rental to Make Relocation Easy

Relocating to a new locality or place involves deporting all business and household belongings to a new address. The task requires hiring the services of professional movers and packers. Although most of the packing can be done by self, individuals may have to consider for renting a moving motor vehicle. In most cases, people may have to bring back the vehicle to the firm from where they have hired it. This may eventually cause exhaustion and be upsetting for many. The One way truck rental can the easy solution for the purpose of relocation.

As the name suggests, in this kind of moving services individuals will not require to deposit the rented motor vehicle at the exact location from where they have hired it. When renting a motor vehicle for moving, one should enquire if the transportation agency has its offices at the location they are shifting to.

Deporting belongings over a distant place may not be as difficult as it sounds. One way truck rental may be the most suitable option as it allows maximum space for relocating any amount of cargo, with the advantage of having to pay the transportation cost for just single trip and the convenience to return the hired vehicle at the office of the moving company nearby the new location.

This type of one way truck rental is suitable choice for those moving goods over a long distance to new state or region. Many of the motor vehicle hire services make their offices at different locations throughout the country, where individuals can return the hired motor vehicles at any of the offices near to their new destination. Most of them have large cargo motor vehicles, but there are other types of vehicles as well that can be hired as per the requirements.

When deciding for One way truck rental, individuals need to ensure that the transportation agencies are providing the best and trustworthy services. It is a good idea to pay visit at the nearby moving rental agencies and make sure that they have their depot and offices to return the hired motor vehicle once the goods have reached at the new location. It is also essential to enquire about the size of the rented vehicle to get idea of the permitted capacity of goods inside it.…

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Tips for Choosing the Right Tires for Your Lovely Motorcycle

Motorcycle tires can be said to be an important component because they are a medium that rubs against the road surface. That’s why you have to know how to choose the right tires for your motorcycle. Choosing the right tires is the key to comfort and safety when riding a motorcycle. The round rubber has several models, sizes, and their respective uses for each type of motorcycle. Because tires are components that function to support the weight of the vehicle, and also channel the power generated by the engine.

On motorcycles, there are two types of tires that are commonly used, namely tubeless tires and tube type tires. Both types of tires have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, tubeless tires are more suitable for use on flat road surfaces such as asphalt. These tires do not use inner tubes, so they are more resistant to leaks. However, tubeless tires must be used on cast wheels, which have no cavities. While the tube type tires are only suitable for use on spoke wheels or spoke wheels. However, this type of tire offers better flexibility, making it suitable for use on uneven terrain.

In addition to the type, there are also differences in tires according to their designation. There are dry tires, wet tires and dry wet tires. All three have different styles. On dry tires are intended for use on dry roads, which are seen in the patterns or grooves that are few, or even no patterns. These tires have maximum traction on dry asphalt surfaces. While the wet type tires usually have many patterns or tire grooves that function to break up stagnant water on the road surface. Usually the composition of rubber on wet tires is more so that if used on dry surfaces it will wear out quickly.

Indonesia is a country with a tropical climate, sometimes it rains, sometimes it is scorching hot. Tires with wet and dry type are very suitable for these terrains. This type of tire has not so many patterns that it has good traction when dry, but can break up water when it rains.

Well, to find out what tires are the most suitable for your favorite motorcycle, it’s good to read some of the following tips;

Choose the type of tire

The tires that come with the motorbike are indeed the most appropriate tires that are presented for the motorbike. However, there must be something lacking for the owner. Therefore, many other tire manufacturers offer various advantages over standard tires. Of course, we can apply this as long as the tire specifications are similar to the default motorcycle, and the conditions that are often passed. If you often pass through wet road conditions, it’s better to choose tires with wet types which of course have better water breaking power than dry tires. This also applies vice versa in dry field conditions.

Pay attention to the tire size

Until now, there are still many motorcycle users who use tires with the wrong size. This is mostly for appearance reasons. But for security and comfort it is clearly different. Tires that do not match the size will affect the performance of the vehicle. For example, a tire whose size is smaller than the standard size, then the victim is the traction of the tire on the road surface, the motorbike will slip more easily. Meanwhile, tires that are larger than the default size will affect engine performance. Bigger tires have a heavier weight, and this results in a heavier impact on the power of the engine.

Check the production code

Because it is made of rubber, the function of the tire will decrease with age. Tires that pass the storage period will be dry and brittle, which will automatically affect their performance. Therefore, always check the tire production code printed on the tire wall itself. A common code is for example something like 2020, which means the tire was made in the 20th week, in 2020. Because tires are one of the fast moving components, it doesn’t matter if you buy tires with a production age of more than three years. Because the expiration date of tires can last up to five years.…

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How to Protect Your Personal Rights by Taking Action After a Car Accident

How to Protect Your Personal Rights by Taking Action After a Car Accident

Unfortunately, there are millions of people who each year find themselves on the wrong end of a car accident. These injuries and deaths are tragic for sure, and there is little difference in the manner in which people are in these accidents. Whether you find yourself a passenger in a car or on a motorcycle, there are tremendous numbers of people falling victim to these crashes. The physical pain of these accidents is crushing, but worse is that many of these people find themselves victims of financial problems as well as emotional issues. With all of these dangers it is important to understand what can be done to prevent them from getting the best of you and your family. To start the process, you need to understand exactly what your rights are in these accidents.

What is the liability in a car accident?

How do you know who is the one at fault, or liable, in a car accident? Sometimes this is easily determined by looking at the laws governing drivers. If you were doing something illegal such as drinking and driving then fault would be easy to determine. Likewise, breaking of traffic rules such as the speed limit or ignoring traffic signals can allow fault to be determined. The question that must be ultimately asked is who is in control of the situation. If the car was at fault because of a defective part, however, and not negligence on behalf of the driver then fault may be more difficult to determine.

Once a collision has occurred, what is the next step?

There are a specific number of things you should do when you are ready to pursue legal action after an accident. Below you will find the steps you need to take in order to have the best case possible:

1. Notify the authorities: The first thing you need to do is get in touch with the police to notify them of the accident. You will want them to make a report of the accident so this can be used in your case.

2. Get lots of photographs: You might think you do not have a camera handy, but your cell phone often has a camera embedded in it, so use it to take photos that can be used in your case.

3. Get photos of all injuries: Unless an ambulance is needed right away, get photos of injuries to be used in your case.

4. Interview the eyewitnesses: Get bystanders to tell what they saw so that these accounts can be used in any upcoming case.

5. Use an experienced lawyer: Often the other party will want you to agree to a settlement early, but you should first deal with an experienced attorney so that you do not lose the money you deserve.

Ensuring you have all the financial compensation you need.

It is a difficult thing to be involved in an accident, but following the above steps will ensure you are covered financially if a tragedy such as this ever befalls you or your loved ones.…

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Effective Ways to Learn Vocabulary Words Fast

Effective Ways to Learn Vocabulary Words Fast

Learning new vocabulary words is an important part of becoming proficient in any foreign language. It’s also an important activity for improving your native language speaking and writings skills. A large, diverse vocabulary in any language allows you to express yourself in more ways and helps you describe situations and things more concisely and accurately. Whether you’re studying for a test or want to quickly learn a new language, here’s how to learn vocabulary words fast and easily:

1. Use visual associations. While it’s still a good idea to learn the definition of a new word right away with a word description, associating the word with an image or symbol can also improve your retention rate. Some people learn better with visual aids, so consider adding a picture to your list of words to help you remember it easily. Many people find that this strategy helps them learn vocabulary words fast and in some cases, more effectively than with word definitions alone.

2. Use mnemonic devices. Mnemonics help you memorize long strings of words with ease, and are among the best ways to learn vocabulary words fast. Use these to learn a new batch of words in a specific category and say them out loud to improve your pronunciation.

3. Use flashcards. If you’re not participating in a language learning course online or using a language training software program, you can create some flashcards of new vocabulary words and review them regularly. You can make flashcards for a set of vocabulary words by writing the word and its pronunciation guide on one side, and the meaning of the word on the back. Review either side to make the right connections between the word and its meaning.

4. Play crosswords or word searches. Interactive puzzles online or printed puzzles in the newspaper are some fun ways to learn vocabulary words fast. These puzzles encourage you to pick up a dictionary or thesaurus to find out the words meaning, and you can practice saying them out loud to improve your pronunciation. Take part in these activities at least once per week so that you can have fun while learning!

5. Immerse yourself in the language as much as possible. Watch movies in the new language, read books or listen to the radio, even if you don’t understand all of the words. You can jot down words that are unfamiliar to you and look them up later to add them to your vocabulary list, and practice sentences with different types of words. This activity will give you a chance to understand sentence structure and the dialect of the spoken language.

There are many ways to learn vocabulary words fast but certain activities and exercises will help you build your vocabulary skills faster. Whether you’re learning English as a second language, another foreign language, or just want to improve your native language speaking and writing skills, use any of these tips to start building your vocabulary and improve your speaking and writing skills as quickly as possible.…