Car Parts Component Factory Safeguards 237 Jobs With Government Aid

Car Parts Component Factory Safeguards 237 Jobs With Government Aid

In recent times, every single person in the UK, if not the world, is aware of the financial slowdown and the difficult economic times everyone is experiencing. Initially, it all started from the dodgy lending from the banks for years, then it affected the housing market and then let to the tightening of lending from the banks for individuals and more importantly for businesses. One of the biggest industries affected by the lack of credit was the car manufacturing industry around the world. Government tried their best to help big car sales companies such as GM Motors to survive by introducing the ‘cash for bangers’ scheme which has proved to be quite successful and has given the car manufacturing industry a helping hand to stabilise itself and plan a strategy to help it to move forward in a positive way in the future.

The strategy that appears to have developed and now adopted is a move towards Hybrid Motoring – the greener and more environmentally friendly way to keep our cars running. This has been positively endorsed by governments in the US and now in England.

Today, car parts component factory, Calsonic Kansel in Llanelli, is planning a massive expansion to help protect and create jobs costing the company a total of £11.4 million pounds. This positive news today will be a relief for the workforce who help manufacture engine cooling and air conditioning systems for some of the biggest car manufacturers, as it will help to secure 237 current jobs, as well as create 37 new jobs. The Welsh Assembly Government is also showing its backing for the factory, its commitment to securing jobs, and most importantly playing its part to reduce its carbon footprint – as it is offering upto £3.2 million towards designing and manufacturing new products in relation to Hybrid technologies. 

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The Welsh Economy and Transport Minister, Ieuan Wyn Jones, appeared delighted at the government’s aid and contribution to the factories expansion plans, as well as highlighting how highly they regard the factory in the Llanelli community,

Mr Jones said: “Calsonic has been an important employer in the Llanelli area for decades and the assembly government has worked with the management on a number of investment projects in the past and warmly welcomes these new proposals.

“The planned investment is significant in terms of value – particularly in the current economic climate – while the introduction of next generation products at Llanelli should support the future development of the plant.

“I am also pleased that the investment will not only safeguard existing jobs at the plant but create a number of new high quality jobs.”

Calsonic Kansel plant manager, Jonathan Williams, also appeared to be a delighted man. Mr Williams recently reported that Calsonic Kansel had been successful in winning a new contract with Jaguar Land Rover, and now was confirming the expansion plans and the government aid, stating, “This investment for the plant in Llanelli reflects the hard work by the employees over the last few years to improve the plant’s competitiveness and is a vote of confidence that it has a sustainable future in the automotive industry.”