Factors to Consider in Changing Air Compressor Oil

Factors to Consider in Changing Air Compressor Oil

Most oil lubricated compressors have different ways or methods in changing air compressor oil. This is the reason why it is always recommended to keep your compressor’s manual in case it calls for some repairs or replacement, or in this case, oil change. However, there are general concepts and factors that can be applied to almost any lubricated compressor, regardless of the company that manufactures it, on how to change air compressor oil.

One factor you have to consider is to make sure your air compressor does, indeed, use oil. Some people often mistake their units as oil-lubricated even when they are not. You have to be aware that there are numerous varieties of air compressors that do not use the substance, but use electricity instead. One way to determine if you are using an oil-lubricated compressor is that it is usually high-maintenance and there are signs of oil leaks or drippings. Look at your compressor closely and check for any oil pans or oil slumps that looks like the one found in cars.

Splash or pump lubricating compressors require more frequent change in oil than other types of oil-lubricated compressors. This type of compressor makes oil splash upward into the areas that need lubricating. This may require more frequent oil change but it is less expensive because you do not need to install expensive oil pumps.

Another factor is the type of oil to use for your compressor. Most owners use the type of oil recommended in their compressor’s manual. They usually follow this while the compressor is within its warranty. Once the warranty expires, you can use lubricating oil that you can purchase from your local hardware store. However, bigger compressors that are more complicated require a specific type of oil. You have to make sure you use the right lubricating oil and not just any kind of similar substance to prevent damage or malfunction. There are certain additives in compressor oils that can not be found in other oil types.

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It is important to change air compressor oil as regular as you change oil in your car. This maintenance step is necessary especially for compressors that are being used quite often, but if you seldom use it, once a year is fine. Just like a vehicle, regular air compressor oil change is necessary to ensure your unit performs at optimum productivity and efficiency. This is one proven way of maintaining your air compressor as well.