I Was Just Injured In A Car Crash – How Do I Protect My Rights?

I Was Just Injured In A Car Crash – How Do I Protect My Rights?

Most times car accidents happen to even the best drivers, because it could be that you are driving on the road and taking all the necessary precautions and all of sudden something jumps in front of your vehicle. Whether it is an animal or an additional vehicle this encounter is generally jarring. Even though you are unable to control what goes on in the course of an accident, it is possible to exert a lot more control when the accident ends.

First and foremost, you will need to ensure that you, in addition to the passengers in your motor vehicle are medically fine and also that there are absolutely no injuries. In case you are in an accident with a different vehicle then you should also check on the well-being of the other motorist. As soon as you have determined the physical condition of everyone, then you can decide if you have to call 911 to get medical help.

As a rule at this point, it is important to examine both vehicles for damage. In case there are noticeable signs of damage, you should call the emergency hot-line to get a police officer on the accident scene. Before the officer arrives, you can start to take pictures of your vehicle and also the accident scene. Many individuals use to travel with disposable cameras, but with modern technology you might have a cell phone that can easily take the photos. These pictures might end up playing a vital role when it comes to the claims to process the insurance settlement.

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After the police officer arrives on the accident scene, he will ask the necessary questions and then ask if you would like to make a report for the accident. At times, some officers might not take the initiative to personally file this report. As soon as you talk to the police officer more than likely he will give you a number to search online to find website in your county that will guide to report the accident.