Considerations When Buying a Used Freightliner Truck

Freightliner Trucks are an American manufacturing institution. In the 1930s, Consolidated Freightways started the Freightliner line to climb steep mountain grades in the western United States. The first Freightliner sold outside its parent company, is now in the Smithsonian. Through consolidations, downturns, takeovers and general market conditions, Freightliner Trucks is now owned by Daimler Trucks North America. Drivers who choose Freightliner, usually entrust themselves to the brand for their careers. Mainly because of the extensive dealer network and parts availability.

If you are searching for used freightliner trucks for sale, you must identify what your needs are before the search begins. Make certain you are buying enough truck, not too little. Saving dollars on the front-end can lose a driver money on the back-end. If a contractor saves money for less torque at purchase, you may miss out on a lucrative job because the rig requires hauling steep grades. Know the driver you are and the loads and distance you choose to contract. The engine on any commercial rig should be your first consideration. The Freightliner brand has a long-established reputation for reliability and toughness.

At 700,000 miles truckers think about rebuilds. If you are buying with an engine at the 700,000 level, some drivers rebuild right away, knowing they have a reliable rig. A well-maintained commercial engine will go to one million miles. It is vital to see the engine history and maintenance before any purchase is made. If a commercial operator or dealer cannot provide documented maintenance, move on.

When purchasing any vehicle, it is always a buyer beware transaction. Here are fundamental things to look for when buying a commercial rig.

  • Ask for copies of the maintenance records. How often were the fluids changed?
  • Who maintained the truck? This consideration is an unmistakable advantage of the Freightliner brand and their extensive dealer network.
  • Does the engine require rebuilding now or will she go another 250,000 or 500,00 miles? What major parts need to be replaced and what will need replacing soon?
  • Have fluid samples from the engine, transmission and rear-end been analyzed? How long ago?
  • Research the specific engine type and any record of problems. Talk to a Freightliner service tech.
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Once you have settled on the rig itself, you must examine the dealer network and parts availability. The last thing you need is a rig problem, and the closest dealer is 500 miles away. Unless you trust the current owner explicitly, it is best to buy your truck from a reputable dealer with plenty of available mechanics. Some dealers have been with the Freightliner brand for decades. This type of dealer network realizes the importance of keeping their customers on the road and will go the extra mile to maintain that relationship.

There are several significant reasons for buying a specific brand and staying with that brand throughout your career. 1) Establish relationships and knowing where to go to get what’s required. 2) Dealers know you and your rig. 3) The size of the company or network is not indicative of the service or support you receive.