Be More Noticeable on Your Motorcycle

Be More Noticeable on Your Motorcycle

Millions of people love to ride motorcycles for various reasons. Not only do you get to feel the fresh air on your face, but you can also save some gas money due to motorcycles’ high gas mileage. However, riding a motorbike can also be very dangerous as you have nothing protecting you from the pavement. Here are some tips to make you more noticeable on your motorcycle, which can help prevent accidents.

Sadly, people who ride motorcycles are more susceptible to bad weather and dangerous road conditions such as trash on the road or potholes. However, an estimated 75% of motorcycle wrecks happen between motorcyclists and people who are driving passenger cars. While you cannot always change the weather so that you get to ride on a pretty day, you can follow these tips to make you more apparent to car drivers.

First, although you may love riding on your black motorcycle in your all-black leathers and helmet, this can make you practically invisible at dusk and at night. While you are more visible during the daytime, you should take extra precautions at night and perhaps add a reflective vest over your ensemble so that you are more noticeable.

If you do not choose to wear a reflective vest, you can at least choose to wear lighter-colored clothing and bright outfits that are more flashy. This way, perhaps a car driver would be more likely to notice a red-shirted motorcyclists rather than someone who blends in with the shadows in all-black.

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Next, you should always leave your motorcycle headlight on. While this is obvious for those who drive only at night, it can also help you be more visible during the day as well. Also, shiny chrome, which is often popular anyways, may be more reflective during the daytime, and even at night, which can draw attention to your presence.

Also, many motorcyclists decide to have loud throttles and roaring engines as part of the thrill of being a motorbike owner. However, these loud noises can also alert car drivers to your presence. Many cyclists disagree with some cities’ decision to force motorcyclists to drive outside of town if they have large, noisy engines because they believe that popping the throttle and roaring the engine works to notify drivers of their presence.

Sometimes, no matter how safety conscious you are, reckless drivers can still cause you to get into an accident. If someone else’s negligence has caused you to get in a wreck and become injured, you should talk to a motor vehicle accident attorney about your rights. For more information, contact a motor vehicle accident lawyer from Habush Habush & Rottier S.C., today.