Tips for Choosing the Right Tires for Your Lovely Motorcycle

Motorcycle tires can be said to be an important component because they are a medium that rubs against the road surface. That’s why you have to know how to choose the right tires for your motorcycle. Choosing the right tires is the key to comfort and safety when riding a motorcycle. The round rubber has several models, sizes, and their respective uses for each type of motorcycle. Because tires are components that function to support the weight of the vehicle, and also channel the power generated by the engine.

On motorcycles, there are two types of tires that are commonly used, namely tubeless tires and tube type tires. Both types of tires have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, tubeless tires are more suitable for use on flat road surfaces such as asphalt. These tires do not use inner tubes, so they are more resistant to leaks. However, tubeless tires must be used on cast wheels, which have no cavities. While the tube type tires are only suitable for use on spoke wheels or spoke wheels. However, this type of tire offers better flexibility, making it suitable for use on uneven terrain.

In addition to the type, there are also differences in tires according to their designation. There are dry tires, wet tires and dry wet tires. All three have different styles. On dry tires are intended for use on dry roads, which are seen in the patterns or grooves that are few, or even no patterns. These tires have maximum traction on dry asphalt surfaces. While the wet type tires usually have many patterns or tire grooves that function to break up stagnant water on the road surface. Usually the composition of rubber on wet tires is more so that if used on dry surfaces it will wear out quickly.

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Indonesia is a country with a tropical climate, sometimes it rains, sometimes it is scorching hot. Tires with wet and dry type are very suitable for these terrains. This type of tire has not so many patterns that it has good traction when dry, but can break up water when it rains.

Well, to find out what tires are the most suitable for your favorite motorcycle, it’s good to read some of the following tips;

Choose the type of tire

The tires that come with the motorbike are indeed the most appropriate tires that are presented for the motorbike. However, there must be something lacking for the owner. Therefore, many other tire manufacturers offer various advantages over standard tires. Of course, we can apply this as long as the tire specifications are similar to the default motorcycle, and the conditions that are often passed. If you often pass through wet road conditions, it’s better to choose tires with wet types which of course have better water breaking power than dry tires. This also applies vice versa in dry field conditions.

Pay attention to the tire size

Until now, there are still many motorcycle users who use tires with the wrong size. This is mostly for appearance reasons. But for security and comfort it is clearly different. Tires that do not match the size will affect the performance of the vehicle. For example, a tire whose size is smaller than the standard size, then the victim is the traction of the tire on the road surface, the motorbike will slip more easily. Meanwhile, tires that are larger than the default size will affect engine performance. Bigger tires have a heavier weight, and this results in a heavier impact on the power of the engine.

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Check the production code

Because it is made of rubber, the function of the tire will decrease with age. Tires that pass the storage period will be dry and brittle, which will automatically affect their performance. Therefore, always check the tire production code printed on the tire wall itself. A common code is for example something like 2020, which means the tire was made in the 20th week, in 2020. Because tires are one of the fast moving components, it doesn’t matter if you buy tires with a production age of more than three years. Because the expiration date of tires can last up to five years.