Getting Screwed with Dealership Auto Parts

If you are like millions of average citizens who work hard for their money and own a newer vehicle? From time to time, the question of getting screwed at the dealership with auto parts for your vehicle has most certainly come up at one time or another? Why are recommendations made for you by dealerships when you can get the same part at your local auto parts store? The truth is, the auto part sector is a multi-billion-dollar industry and they want to capitalize on every penny you spend on their brand.

Confessions of a Service Manager

A confession by a service manager at a well-known dealership stated that maintenance bills are often times inflated. This is due in part to monthly quotas not being met. Services like gearbox maintenance, oil changes, transmission flushes, and front-end alignments are being charged extra for shop rags, lubricants, brooms, and other unrelated shop supplies to make up the difference. When it comes to auto part replacements, the service manager admitted that they cost on average 30 percent more than the same part at the local auto parts retailer.

What is True and What is False?

It’s common knowledge that it cost more to take your vehicle to the dealership for routine service and mechanical repairs rather than going to a ASE certified mechanic around the corner. Although this may be true, the fact that the dealership is giving you the best deal possible is not. In spite of their best efforts to have you believe that you need their services, or your vehicle won’t operate as designed is totally false. The same can be said about their aftermarket parts when they tell you that you can only get them at their dealership.

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Spending Extra Money on Unnecessary Items

How many times have you wondered if you really needed that part or routine fluid flush? There are a lot of dealer service departments that routinely replace parts and fluids that are not even in the owner’s manual? On the other hand, these services would be warranted for severe use by off-roading or taxicab drivers, but for the average person just trying to go to work, these services are unjustifiable and, in this case, just not fair. In light of this, the average person who doesn’t know any better is the one who pays the price for services or parts they did not need.

Buy Auto Parts from a Certified Auto Parts Retailer

At the present time, you would think that dealerships would pass on the savings to the consumer with bulk or discounted auto parts for their vehicles? It’s just the opposite. Dealership service departments are more likely to pass on the premium to the consumer for auto parts that can be bought for far less at the local auto parts retailer. As a matter of fact, you can buy their parts cheaper at the local auto parts retailer than the same part at their service desk. The dealership knows this; however, there is nothing they can do about it. If you are tired of getting screwed with dealership auto parts, you’re not the only one. Buy your parts from a certified auto parts retailer and keep your hard-earned money in park.