Signs You Need Brake Service

Your car brakes are one of the most important controls that your vehicle has. After all, if you are unable to slow or stop in a timely fashion, you are going to get into an accident. But what are the signs that you need to have your brakes service san diego ca?

Clearly, if your check brake light comes on, you need to get to a service garage right away. The brake light can come on for a variety of reasons, but mainly because either your brake pads are worn and need replacing, or your brake fluid is low. Either condition needs to be attended to as soon as possible.

Strange noises that occur when you brake can also be an indication that you need brake service. A grinding sound is a sign that your pads have completely worn away, and you are braking with bare metal. Let this go too long, and a simple brake pad replacement job could become an expensive rotor resurfacing or even replacement. If your vehicle pulls to one side or the other when you brake, you might have a stuck caliper, the part where the brake pads are attached. Other causes can range from worn or improperly inflated tires to a bad alignment.

Vibrations, when you apply the brake, could be a sign of warped rotors. Rotors can be stressed if you stop frequently while pulling something heavy like a U-Haul or while going up or down a mountain road. You might also have wheels that are misaligned.

If your brake pedal goes all the way to the floor before braking, you might have worn pads or a problem in the brake line, like air or a fluid leak. If your brakes engage when you slightly touch the pedal, you may have contaminated brake fluid. One way to prevent brake problems before they happen on the road is to take your vehicle in for its scheduled maintenance. A technician will be able to note if your brakes are due for servicing during the

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Do Your Research Before You Visit Your Mechanic

There are many places that offer auto repair estimators. After you enter the information about your vehicle, it should give you an estimate of what your bill should be after the repairs are made. This gives you something to compare to when the mechanic gives you an estimate.

Ask the Mechanic to Show You What Is Wrong with Your Car

This can really help you see what is wrong with the car. You will be able to see (with your own eyes), exactly what is broken or not working. Many people like to be able to visualize and understand exactly what is wrong with the vehicle.

Learn as Much as You Can

By knowing enough about cars (and doing your research), you can find out which mechanics you can trust and which ones you can’t. You might even be able to walk into the shop with some ideas about what the problem is, so you don’t get talked into unnecessary repairs. This could be as simple as reading your owner’s manual before you walk into the shop.

As you look for a mechanic that you can trust, you should do your research, so you seem more knowledgeable to the mechanic. Visit an estimator so you can have an idea of what your repairs should cost. Many women also like to see what is broken before they approve of the repairs. If you are uncomfortable at any time, don’t hesitate to go somewhere else.

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