Exporting From the USA to Belgium

Exporting From the USA to Belgium

Shipping items from the USA to Belgium shouldn’t take that long if you do the paperwork ahead of time and prepare your goods for shipment. If you have made the decision to move to Belgium, you will need to know what documents to fill out and what charges you can expect.

Shipping Vehicles into Belgium

When shipping a vehicle you will need the following information:

The original certificate stating your residence in Belgium

The original registration and title to the vehicle

Proof of insurance from the country the vehicle came from. The insurance must be valid for at least six months prior to your arrival in Belgium.

An original purchase invoice of the car

Proof of your residency for the past twelve months prior to arriving in Belgium

Copy of your passport with a signature page.

All customs regulations must be included in the inventory that shows the vehicle manufacturer, the engine number and body number, the color of the vehicle and the type of vehicle.

If you have a used motor vehicle, you can enter it for free as long as the owner has owned the vehicle for at least six months before moving to Belgium.

Shipping Household goods and Personal Effects from USA to Belgium

Before you move, you will need to take inventory of everything you are packing. The inventory will need to be submitted along with the identity documents, your original certificate of residence in Belgium, and proof of your cancellation of residence abroad.

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If your goods are being shipped from a non-EEC country, you will need a certificate that shows the owner has not resided within the EEC during the twelve months before arrival. If you are moving a company, you will need a duly signed and stamped by the employer that confirms your transfer. If this is a private removal, you will need a certificate that is issued by the Belgian Consulate at the place of origin that confirms your transfer.

If you are a foreigner and do not have a certificate of residence in Belgium, you will be subject to a fee of 15% for customs and duties. You will also be responsible for 19% VAT charge and BFRS 500 in case you are fined.

Prepare what paperwork you can ahead of time and keep track of all your items in order to move the process along once you have reached the port.