Causes of Burning Cars When Filling Gasoline

Knowing the cause of burning cars when filling gasoline is very important so that you can avoid the possibility of an accident in the gas station area.

Burning Cars

In addition, this knowledge is important so that you can also comply with regulations when filling gas properly, and reprimand consumers or officers who fail to apply the prohibition regulations.

Basically, the main cause of a car burning when it is filled with gasoline is the presence of gaseous fuel vapors scattered in all corners of the gas station area, especially the area around the dispenser.

The presence of gaseous fuel vapor is a natural property of fuel, including gasoline, which is not only in the form of a liquid, but also easily evaporates and becomes gas particles in the surrounding area.

The nature of fuel in the form of liquid or gaseous vapor is very flammable. Therefore, we should avoid things that trigger it to burn.

The following is a list of the causes of a car burning when filling gasoline and a full explanation:

Smoking in the Gas Station Area cause of Burning Cars

Gas stations are areas that are clean from smoking. Therefore, smoking in the gas station area is the cause of the car burning when filling gasoline.

This is because the coals at the end of the cigarettes and the ashes of the fallen cigarettes have hot temperatures that are dangerous if exposed to gasoline gas vapors in the gas station area.

A fire can be ignited and result in a serious accident.

Car Engine Not turned off cause of Burning Cars

The cause of the car burning when the second filling of gasoline was the car engine that was not turned off. Vehicle engines also have a hot temperature that is prone to fire.

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Not to mention the possibility of a car running on its own due to accidentally stepping on the gas pedal, or other possibilities.

Some car components that have electricity will also trigger a fire. Turning off the car engine is the right thing to avoid this accident.

Open Car Door

You may be wondering about the link between opening the car door and causing the car to catch fire when filling up with gas.

Static electricity generated from the friction of tires with the road can trigger sparks to appear when exposed to liquid fuel.

This static electricity voltage will be even greater if we open the car door but do not set foot on the ground. Because the human body also has electricity in it.

The best way to avoid causing the car to catch fire when filling up with gasoline is to turn off the vehicle engine, then get down and stand some distance from the car and the fuel dispenser.

To ensure safety when filling gasoline, do not enter the car if the fuel hose is still stuck in the car’s tank.

Using HP and Camera

Fuel gas vapor is also flammable if there are electromagnetic waves or radio waves such as those produced by cellphones.

The danger of causing the car to catch fire while filling up with gasoline is also more likely to occur, if you make a phone call. Therefore, HP should be deactivated for a moment when filling gas.

As for the camera, the energy source from the battery contained in it is also prone to sparks when exposed to fuel gas vapor in the gas station area.

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Don’t take pictures, and keep your camera off.

Shaking the Tank

Some people believe that by shaking the gas tank on the car will make the gasoline completely filled. However, this is not allowed.

Because, the vehicle tank is designed with the appropriate capacity. The tank will not experience a decrease in space capacity, even if the vehicle has been used for years.

Shaking the tank actually causes the car to catch fire when filling gasoline. Fuel gas vapor will even more easily spread and trigger fires if exposed to sparks or hot temperatures.

Shaking the tank also increases the possibility of liquid gasoline coming out of the tank and spilling into other areas.

Even if the amount of liquid that comes out is small, it will not reduce its flammability.

Those are five causes of burning cars when filling gasoline that should be wary of. Always obey the rules that apply wherever you go.