Tips for Buying the Right New Car Tires

It is not the factory or repair shop that is obligated to take care of car tires, but the car owner itself.

How to? Namely, by following the tips for buying new car tires, which are correct so that they last for a long time, even though they are often used.

Because, the use of the vehicle, only the owner or driver knows. So, from how often the car is used to how often to use a damaged road, you have to be able to feel, when the tires need to be inflated, replaced and so on.

Come on, just take a peek at the following tips for buying the right and safe car tires!

Choose Car Tires According to User Needs

The first tip for buying new car tires is to choose according to your own needs, as a car user.

For example, if you like traveling, which has to pass through muddy and rocky terrain, then the type of tire suitable for off-road is M/T or Mud Terrain.

As for the type or type of car tires, they are known to be strong and sturdy even when taking the most difficult terrain.

So, from your needs, you can see the type and type of tire you need. However, do not use this type of tire, on city streets because it will be slippery and the grip is weak.

In addition, if your home area is a flooded area, then the All Terrain or A/T type is suitable for use.

However, if you use a car only to go to the office, which is in urban areas, then you can use the H/T or High Terrain type, which is very comfortable and not noisy.

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Choose Tires According to Car Type/Type

If the previous tips suggest to be adjusted to the needs, tips on buying new car tires on this one, more adjust the type or type of tires, with the car.

The reason is, every vehicle or car, must have its own default type and size from the factory.

How do I see it? Usually, the type or type of tire, is engraved on the placard of a drawer or door, (depending on the type of car).

In fact, there are also those that include the type or type of tire, near the fuel tank cap.

So, when you want to buy a new car tire, you can see the reference type and type, from the manufacturer’s recommendations.

In addition, choosing car tires based on the type and type, can also be seen from the instructions for use, and the inclusion of the type and size of the tire.

Usually, the type of car tire is listed in a combination of a code. For example, if there are car tires coded P 215/55R17 93V.

The meaning of the letter ‘P’ itself is Passenger, which means the car is designed to carry passengers or people.

Not only coded P, other car tires are also listed as LT tires, which means Light Trucks or small trucks, which can carry goods.

In addition, there is the ST code, which means “Special Trailer”, and the T code for “Temporary”, which is more specific to spare or spare tires, so this car tire cannot be used continuously.

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Choose Car Tires from the Suitable Groove/Motive Design

The next tip for buying new car tires is to choose tires according to the groove, pattern or motif.

Why is choosing tires based on the groove design pattern, also important? This is because it can increase tire friction with the road.

So, if the friction is small, the risk of slipping or slipping on the road is even greater.

Usually, for wet road users, who live in areas with high rainfall intensity, it is advisable to choose a V design pattern.

Because, the V design groove, is said to have high friction, so it is very suitable for slippery and watery road conditions.

What about hot road conditions, such as asphalt roads in the desert? Well, for this condition, avoid using a tire design with a lot of strokes.

However, if you go through bumpy roads more often, then tires with a round tread groove design can be chosen because they are very suitable.

Well, if the pattern on the bna is starting to thin, you should immediately replace the car tires, because it will reduce its performance, and the benefits above.