GPS has Important Functions in Cars

Installing a GPS certainly provides many benefits for car owners, how to install a GPS in a car is also easy. Let’s see how to install GPS in the car in this discussion.

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a satellite-based navigation system that functions to detect cars. Using the trilateration process technology, the location of the vehicle can be detected based on distance via 3 satellites.

After that, the location point will be sent via GPS signal through the cellular tower to the operator’s server. On the operator’s server, the vehicle’s position will be processed and converted so that it can be accessed and displayed in various browsers, from desktop to smartphone applications.

Having an important role in vehicle safety, making GPS more and more used by some people. GPS is divided into 2 types, namely GPS Navigation and GPS Tracker.

Both of these GPS have several different important functions, GPS navigation functions as a tool that gives directions or location while driving. Meanwhile, the GPS tracker functions as a car tracking device. For more details, let’s look at the following GPS functions!

It has useful functions for car drivers, here are some GPS functions that you can know

GPS can Anticipate Crime

The first function of installing GPS in a car is to anticipate crime. Because, GPS is able to provide vehicle position information in real time. So, you can immediately track the position of the car, in case of theft.

Some types of GPS are also equipped with a feature to turn off the car engine remotely, while others are equipped with a built in alarm. Thus providing extra security for your favorite car.

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GPS As Travel History

GPS also has another function, namely as a travel history. So, you can know what places you have visited, complete with the time of the incident. The travel history data will be stored neatly in the GPS system, and you can access it whenever you want.

As a Tapping Tool

Some GPS are equipped with an eavesdropping feature, so you can hear the entire conversation in the car. This feature is certainly useful for you to use. Moreover, if there is a case of theft or crime, this tool can serve as evidence.

Detect Weather Conditions

Another useful GPS function is that it can be used as a weather detector. You can see the humidity, temperature, and air pressure of a place using this GPS.

Well, that’s the function and how to install GPS in the car that you have seen. It turns out, installing GPS is not difficult is it?

Installing a GPS certainly provides additional protection for the car. But, you know, it turns out that this is not enough to protect your favorite car.

For example, things that are not desirable, such as accidents. In addition to feeling the injury to the body, the car being driven is also of course damaged.

So, the costs that you will spend will also be double, namely for medical expenses and car repairs.